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As the Jewish fraternity, we have a unique commitment to support and lead the Jewish community on our campus. We partner with UD Hillel and Chabad at UD to host events regularly. Each week, many of us go to Shabbat dinners together and at least once a semester we host a Shabbat dinner for the community too. Our Brothers serve on the Executive Boards of both Chabad and Hillel, we regularly take part in their programming and we work with each to create programming especially for AEPi including special events with Rabbi Nick to learn life skills and professional development modules with Hillel. Some of our Brothers go on Birthright each year and we attend Israel education events year-round as well.

Our Jewish identity is a point of pride for us and a critical part of our legacy on this campus. Our relationships with the Jewish community at UD continue to grow stronger each year and our fraternity’s Jewish identity gives us the tools and the opportunities to become better men and better leaders.